Mountaineer XPress Project

TransCanada – Natural Gas

Helping West Virginia communities thrive

Cutting south from Marshall County to Wayne County, West Virginia, Mountaineer XPress will add 170 miles (274 km) of natural gas pipeline to serve growing communities in the state. Once complete, the line will deliver clean, affordable, domestically produced natural gas, easing reliance on foreign fuels, and create hundreds of jobs for West Virginians.

Reducing reliance on foreign energy producers

Mountaineer XPress will significantly increase our ability to get US-produced natural gas to market. This means more local jobs and less foreign fuel.

Creating 9,000 jobs in West Virginia during construction

During construction and as part of ongoing maintenance, Mountaineer XPress is expected to create thousands of jobs for workers.

170 miles (274 km) in length
Increasing capacity by 2.7 billion cubic feet natural gas per day
Economic investment of $2 billion
With the jobs coming in and tax revenue – it’s probably going to be the savior of our small county for the next 20 or 30 years”

Kevin Helmick, Calhoun County Commissioner about the Mountaineer XPress Project

I couldn't have asked for a better working relationship than we've had”

Chip Westfall, Calhoun County Commissioner in West Virginia about his involvement with TransCanada