MacKay River Plant

MacKay River is an industrial cogeneration project that is situated on Suncor’s MacKay River oilsands development, 60 km (37 miles) northwest of Fort McMurray, Alta. The cogeneration plant is an integral part of Suncor’s bitumen extraction facilities.

The project uses a General Electric 7FA combustion turbine equipped with a dry low NOx combustion system to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize air emissions.

In order to deliver the large quantities of steam required by Suncor, the MacKay River project uses one of the largest Enhanced Oil Recovery HRSGs ever built.

TransCanada Energy Ltd. participates in Alberta’s competitive electricity market.

For further information on the facility, read our fact sheet.

An integral part of Suncor’s bitumen extraction facilities
Natural gas-fired combustion turbine
Produces steam for injection wells