NGTL System


This is our natural gas gathering and transportation system for the WCSB, connecting most of the natural gas production in western Canada to domestic and export markets. We believe we are very well positioned to connect growing supply in northeast B.C. and northwest Alberta. It is these two supply areas, along with growing demand for firm transportation in the oil sands area and to our major export points at Empress and Alberta/B.C. delivery locations, that is driving our large capital program for new pipeline facilities. The NGTL System is also well positioned to connect WCSB supply to potential LNG export facilities on the Canadian west coast.

The NGTL System is currently undertaking a $9.1-billion multi-year infrastructure expansion program that will increase transportation capacity for Western Canada producers and provide downstream markets increased access to clean-burning natural gas.

In addition, in October 2018, we announced a new $1.5 billion expansion to our NGTL System to further connect WCSB supply to incremental market demand. Delivery services for this program are expected to commence in April 2022. Read more

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24,012 km (12,920 miles) in length

Carries natural gas from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB)

Delivers fuel for millions of Canadians and Americans