Bison Pipeline


Bison Pipeline stretches 302 miles (486 km) across Wyoming and Montana to Midwestern North Dakota where it connects with another interstate natural gas pipeline. Thanks to the hard work of local employees and contractors, the pipeline safely delivers natural gas to families who depend on it for heating homes, cooking meals and more.

TransCanada operates Bison Pipeline and effectively owns 26.8 percent of the pipeline through its interest in TC PipeLines, LP.

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302 miles (486 km) in length
407 million cubic feet per day capacity
Transports domestic natural gas from the Powder River Basin to the U.S. Midwest


Preserving Indigenous Sacred Sites

After discovering a humblecha (Indigenous spiritual landmark) during construction, TransCanada worked with local tribes to preserve the site.


Giving Back To Local Communities

TransCanada donated $25,000 in support of the library in the town of Ekalaka, Mont. (Population 332).