B-System Project


The B-System Project is part of our ongoing modernization efforts to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of vital natural gas supply lines for the wider Columbus, Ohio, metro area.

TransCanada anticipates initiating construction in early 2018, with a targeted in-service date during the second half of 2018.

Comprised of five pipelines, the project will serve communities along the US Route 33 corridor southeast of Columbus.


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Frequently asked questions

The B-System project is part of an ongoing modernization program to replace existing infrastructure, upgrade natural gas compression systems and increase pipeline reliability.

The B-System has been slated for modernization because it is a vital natural gas supply line for the Columbus metro area, as well as for several towns and cities along the developing US Route 33 corridor southeast of Columbus.

It comes down to doing what’s best for the environment. After an environmental impact study and looking at the effects on landowners and overall costs, we determined that building a new, seven-mile (11 km) pipeline, rather than replacing the existing one, would result in lessened impact and lowered costs. The existing pipeline will be brought to the end of its lifecycle.

Absolutely. Landowners who may be impacted by our proposed route will be contacted early on in the process by a land representative. You’ll also be notified in advance if we need to make a survey of your property.