What Matters to You, Matters to Us

Making sure communities are engaged and respected comes naturally for us – it’s how we do business. Sharing our plans and ideas with families and supporting communities lead to better outcomes for everyone involved.

Our values of safety, integrity, responsibility and collaboration lay the foundation for how we work with one another, but most importantly, with you.

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Building Strong, Vibrant Communities Together

Whether it's partnering with community groups, supporting local initiatives or encouraging our employees to get involved in neighbourhood improvements, the goal of our Community Investment program is to help build strong and vibrant communities across North America.

We direct millions of dollars annually to over a thousand non-profit organizations across North America.

Overview of Community Investment

We know that the needs and priorities of any community are best determined by the people who live and work within it. So when it comes to supporting communities, our local staff have a large role to play.

Whether we are supporting environmental projects, educational initiatives, safety exercises or community events, our employees engage with community members and local non-profit organizations to develop partnerships that meet local needs and goals. We don’t just want to give back, we want to give back in ways that truly matter.

We support the communities where we live and work across North America.

Read more about community investment in our 2017 CR Report (3.62 MB)

Apply for Funding

Are you part of a community group that would like to apply for TransCanada funding? We’d love to hear from you. We look to support events, activities and initiatives that:

  • Make a positive community impact
  • Offer employee engagement opportunities
  • Generate community engagement

We are unable to fund:

  • Advertising
  • Events or projects that occurred in the past
  • For-profit organizations
  • Initiatives that benefit individuals or small groups
  • Political fundraisers*
  • Religious programs

* Political donations and activities are regulated through TransCanada's Government Relations department in adherence with TransCanada's Political Contributions policy.

Up to 300 scholarships awarded annually to students through our in-house scholarship program
Restored more than 1,600 hectares of butterfly habitat in 2017
Pillar Partner of 4-H Canada Environment & Healthy Living leadership development pillar

Common Goals

When it comes to supporting communities, our focus is on four key areas:

Image of community investement by TransCanada


We’re committed to helping build strong, vibrant communities where families and local businesses can thrive. We partner with community organizations to help bring people together, develop local leadership and engage community members.

Some key community partnerships include:

4-H Canada
Right to Play Canada  

Image of community investement

Education and Training

TransCanada supports education and training initiatives in the communities where we do business in an effort to help build community capacity, develop the next generation of community leaders, and provide a skilled workforce for our industry.

Some key education and training partnerships include:

Junior Achievement of Southern Alberta
Martin Family Initiative
University of Calgary Pipeline Engineering Program

Image of TransCanada's community investment panel


Protecting the natural environment is important to us. Throughout the communities where we live and work across North America, we partner with national and local organizations to help conserve natural habitats, protect species at-risk and promote the importance of a healthy environment.

Some key environmental partnerships include:

Nature Conservancy of Canada
Save Our Monarchs Foundation
Trout Unlimited Canada

Image of TransCanada's community Investment highlights panel 2


A commitment to safety is the foundation of everything we do. In communities throughout North America, we support initiatives that help emergency personnel respond to local needs and familiarize themselves with our operations so they can effectively respond should an incident occur.

Some key safety partnerships include:

ACT Foundation
Agriculture for Life
International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC)

Getting Employees Empowered

Through Empower, TransCanada’s giving and volunteering program, we support and encourage our employees and contractors to give back to their communities in ways that resonate with them personally. Together, we make giving matter.

Giving back should always come with a smile, right? We think so, which is why we’re so proud of our annual month-long Get Empowered campaign. We organize fundraising and volunteering activities in our communities all across North America.

Last year, our employees and contractors volunteered more than 15,000 hours for local causes. We swung hammers to build family homes, built hotels for bees, and constructed cages for conservation. See for yourself in the video below.