abr. 30 2017

Juan’s Story

Posted by TransCanada

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The people of TransCanada

We're more than a pipeline company — we're a team. Whether in Canada, the U.S. or Mexico, the people who call TransCanada home make contributions that make us better, smarter and more successful every day.

We're proud to support people like Juan, from our Leak Detection Engineering Department, within the Liquids Pipelines Business Unit. Let's meet him now.


How long have you been at TransCanada?

It's been 11 years! (As of March 2017) I was born in Venezuela, and got my engineering degree and a diploma in project management there. After working in oil & gas for a number of years, I moved to Calgary with my family, where TransCanada gave me my first Canadian job — an opportunity to work as a business analyst.

Can you describe what you do?

As manager of a team of 20 brilliant and hardworking engineers and technologists, I'm responsible to direct, lead, develop and motivate, as well as administer resources to ensure we can meet our goals.

My team is accountable for the support and implementation of critical leak detection systems on liquid pipelines. We also work with industry, associations and regulatory agencies on industry standards, recommending practices and innovation — as they relate to new technologies for leak detection.

What's your favourite part of your job?

I enjoy sharing and celebrating the successes of the team. They work hard and take big challenges that help them develop professionally and personally. It's quite satisfying to see them work together, helping each other get the job done on time and under budget, but with high quality. Our work in leak detection is of critical importance for the environment, and to people that live and work close to our pipelines. So the sense of purpose and meaning of what we do is huge.

What's a surprising fact about what you do at TransCanada that people may not know?

We're collaborative. In such a competitive world, it's great to be able to work directly with other Pipeline companies and share experiences. We can learn from each other. My team specifically collaborates with companies, like Enbridge and Kinder Morgan, to assess new technologies. Being able to talk to my peers at these companies, and knowing that our collaboration is helping our industry become even safer, makes TransCanada a special place to be.

What excites you about the future at TransCanada?

The limitless opportunities. TransCanada is a recognized leader in energy, with a strong financial position and an aggressive portfolio to grow the business, win over new customers and boost the economies in the countries where we operate. TransCanada has one of the largest Research & Development budgets in Canada and a strong sense of social responsibility. It's a great company with a bright future.

Thanks Juan! We're proud to have you on the team.