feb. 21 2018

He's making a splash

Posted by TransCanada
Jonathan Brown, TransCanada intern and competitive swimmer

Meet Jonathan Brown, TransCanada co-op engineering intern and accomplished competitive swimmer.

TransCanada's Pipeline Integrity Co-op engineering intern, Jonathan Brown, has accomplished alot, in and out of a pool.

Brown has been swimming competitively for years, he’s raced against Olympic champions and his athletic abilities have taken him to Dubai, Hawaii and Quebec.

TransCanada will be cheering Brown on as he represents the University of British Columbia at the Canadian USPORT Swimming Championships in Toronto, February 22-24.

Outside of the pool, Jonathan is getting his feet wet with pipeline integrity and the natural gas business at TransCanada.

“To see the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure system reliability and safety has been eye-opening,” says Jonathan, who is nine months into his 16-month co-op internship with TransCanada. “I’ve been learning so much. It’s been a very rewarding experience.”

Jonathan says this week’s championship meet in Toronto will likely be his last swimming competition before he turns his focus to a career in engineering. “It’s time to move on, and, judging from the many things I’ve learned during my TransCanada internship, I know the next chapter will be just as exciting.”


Jonathan Brown


Co-op engineering intern, Pipeline Integrity, Canadian Natural Gas



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I’m happiest when ...
I’m spending time with my family and hanging out with my friends. Swimming has always provided me with a great outlet for my energy and emotions, but when you do it for as long as I have, you really do value the time away from the pool.

At TransCanada, I’ve learned ...
How complex the NGTL System is and the problem-solving that goes into trying to remediate pipe integrity threats. Engineers have been mentoring us interns on how they approach these issues. It’s great how they involve us in the process.

Many people will not realize ...
I’ve competed against U.S. Olympic gold medallists Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte in some mid-season meets in 2014. I didn’t beat them. Not even close. But it was still a cool experience.

I get inspired by ...
My parents and grandparents. They have worked very hard to afford me the lifestyle and opportunities I have. My mom’s parents emigrated from South China in the 1950s, and my dad emigrated from Scotland when he was 13. They’ve raised me to work hard and try to be better every day.

The best part of my job is ...
The exposure I get to the work that supports the NGTL, Foothills, Canadian Mainline and TQM pipeline systems. It’s been a great opportunity to learn as much as I can about pipeline systems and TransCanada’s assets.

I work at TransCanada because ...
I’ve always heard good things about it, having grown up in Calgary. One of my fellow students and friends at the University of British Columbia had an internship here and spoke very highly of his experience. Those are some of the reasons I wanted to apply.