Coolidge Generating Station


The Coolidge Generating Station is a natural gas-fired power generating station in Coolidge, Arizona. This “simple-cycle” station generates up to 575 megawatts of electricity, enough for 575,000 homes in the state. When consumer demand rises, such as in summer when air conditioning needs spike, the state-of-the-art station can be brought up to peak capacity in roughly 10 minutes.

12 turbine facility
Uses state-of-the-art, low-emissions technology
Generates 575 megawatts of electricity


Support for local college students

As part of our ongoing support of Central Arizona College’s “Promise for the Future” program, TransCanada is proud to make an annual endowment.



Caring for our community

As part of our ongoing commitment to friends and families in our communities, TransCanada made a one-time donation of $3,500 to the Coolidge Youth Coalition and $5,000 to the Coolidge Police Explorers. These funds go to support their work in substance abuse education and awareness.