Proposed 2021 NGTL System Expansion Project


The Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) is one of North America’s most prolific natural gas production basins, and it is of key importance to the Canadian economy.

Given the production of natural gas in Alberta and B.C., the most important issue for WCSB producers is getting their product into other markets. To be competitive, access to markets through well-positioned pipeline assets is critical.

Natural gas producers have asked us to increase natural gas transportation service on the NGTL System. As a result, we are beginning to plan a pipeline expansion project in northwest Alberta that will run along the west path of the NGTL System, from the northwest Alberta southeast towards Rocky Mountain House.

We are currently studying options for a number of pipeline additions that will generally follow our existing NGTL pipeline corridors in western Alberta. In total, NGTL is proposing to add up to approximately 350 kms (218 miles) of newly built 48-inch pipe to the NGTL System.

These various pipeline sections within the study area would be located starting in the County of Grande Prairie, extending through the Municipal District of Greenview No. 16, Yellowhead County, and ending in Clearwater County. Multiple pipeline sections would run parallel to the existing system and connect at each end to adjacent existing pipelines.

The routes we’re investigating are subject to change and would add multiple pipeline sections and compressor station unit additions to our existing assets in three key areas:

  • Grande Prairie West Area
  • Grande Prairie South Area
  • Edson South Area.

Project status and timelines

Q3 2017

Early engagement with Aboriginal groups, landowners and stakeholders on certain project components

Q1 2018

Broad engagement on project study areas

Anticipated Section 52 Project Description filing to the NEB

Q2 2018

Anticipated regulatory filing to the NEB, followed by regulatory review process 

Q2 2020

Anticipated regulatory approval to construct

Q3 2020

Begin construction of compressor unit additions 

Q2 2021

Anticipated in-service dates for all project components

Stakeholder engagement and consultation is ongoing throughout all phases of the project