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North America's Energy Mix

To ensure we have the energy to power our lives, heat for our homes and get where we need to go, we need a diverse mix of energy.

How shut-off valves work

There are tens of thousands of valves spanning TransCanada’s 95,800 km of oil and natural gas pipeline network across North America.

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Whether you know it or not, natural gas helps fuel your life. It warms your home, cooks your meals, generates electricity to power your smart phone and TV and makes your community run. Bonus? It’s clean and affordable.

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Pipeline technology

Our industry has developed some pretty sophisticated and innovative tools to monitor pipelines and ensure safe operations. Watch this video created by the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association about some of the unique technologies our industry uses each day.

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Life Cycle of a Pipeline

How do we plan, build and operate a TransCanada pipeline? Find out on our interactive journey.


North America's Energy Mix: The Big Picture

We're a big continent with big energy needs. Here's what the US, Canada and Mexico use today – and are projected to use in the coming decades.

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How North America’s Energy System Connects

Ever wonder how the energy system is supplied? Read on to find out how it works: from production to storage and delivery to millions of people and businesses.

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Global Energy Consumption to 2040

The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts a 31 per cent increase in global energy consumption by 2040.

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Natural Gas – A Fuel For The Future

It’s cleaner burning. It’s plentiful. It’s a key driver in the North American energy landscape. Learn about an unsung energy hero: natural gas.

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Made from Oil

Beyond fuel in your tank, oil is used to make everyday objects – everything from drinking cups to combs and electronics and more.