Oct 10 2018

Co-op student gains more than technical skills

Posted by TransCanada
TransCanada Co-op student Meghann Grenier

After a 16-month Co-op student experience, Meghann Grenier recently returned to Queen’s University in Ontario to complete her mechanical engineering degree. Drawn to TransCanada because the size of the company, she discovered her opportunities were big too.



As a stress corrosion intern in the pipeline integrity team, Meghann realized that while the word “intern” was in her title, her experience was far more than the title implied. Her experience pushed her out of her comfort zone and gave her the chance to be part of a great team.

“I was doing a lot of integrity work and learned a lot about regulations and project management. I developed a really good eye for detail too,” says Grenier. “From a technical side, I also got to work with a smart PIG, which is a Pipeline Inspection Gauge that collects information from the walls of pipes, and see first-hand how electrical engineering was part of pipeline integrity. It was really exciting.”


Safety first

No matter what type of work she was doing, Meghann strongly felt TransCanada’s commitment to safety. “They really drilled it into me,” says Grenier, who notes that she thinks about safety in all aspects of her life now. “They make it clear that if anyone doesn’t feel safe, we can speak up right then and there.”

Beyond the care for everyone’s safety, Grenier felt like she worked with the best team ever. “I learned so much from everyone. They shared everything they knew, and really gave me their time when I needed it.”


The next chapter

Meghann now feels like a different person. “I’m more confident when it comes to my technical abilities and had the chance to use my skills to solve real problems in the workplace,” says Grenier.

Meghann believes TransCanada is a good community for engineering students. “You get a great support network, and get exposed to many different career options, which  gives  you a better idea of what you want to do.” Meghann now sees herself working for a company like TransCanada for as many years as possible. “I hope to become a jack of all trades - I can’t wait to hone my skills and gain new ones throughout my career.”


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