Mar 6 2019

Climbing the ladder at Hardisty Terminal

Posted by TransCanada

Camillia Smith is Climbing the ladder at Hardisty Terminal

From gauger to measurement technician in six short years

Camillia Smith doesn’t shy away from a challenge, instead she runs towards it with confidence and drive. Camillia is one of the first people at TransCanada to climb the gauger and measurement career ladders in liquids operations history – not an easy feat!

She started her career at TransCanada six years ago as a facility technician, now known as a gauger, and in 2015, her career path pivoted as she began to pursue instrumentation at Red Deer College in Alberta. Camillia has been working in measurement for the last four and a half years.

“Starting at the bottom gave me the experience I needed to figure out what path I want to take to further my career here at TransCanada,” states Camillia.

As a measurement technician at the Hardisty Terminal, Camillia looks after the transmitter verification and calibration for custody transfer, general maintenance of oil transmission such as checking valve integrity, measurement audits and positive displacement meter maintenance.

She is one of the many skilled females working in the field at TransCanada.

Since day one with TransCanada, I’ve been extremely fortunate that I’ve never been treated any different just because I am a woman working in this field"

Camillia Smith
Measurement Technician, Hardisty Terminal

Camillia Smith at the office in Hardisty

Seizing opportunity

Camillia successfully completed her instrumentation apprenticeship, receiving her Journeyman Certificate in January 2019. Over the last four years, Camillia attended 36 weeks of classroom instruction and logged more than 6,000 hours towards her certificate – all of which were completed at our Hardisty Terminal.

“I am grateful that the company gave me the opportunity to get my Journeyman Certificate,” states Camillia. “I work alongside an incredible group of peers and under the leadership of supportive management who’ve all been instrumental in my learning and career growth.”

Often asked what it’s like working in a male-dominated field, her experience is a testament of the company’s commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment and encouraging women in professions where they are historically under-represented.


Her success is a catalyst of consistent hard work, relentless dedication and an eagerness to learn.

“Over the years I learned to never be afraid to ask questions,” says Camillia.

She has become a wealth of knowledge in her field over six short years, and looks forward to passing her knowledge and experience down to new technicians.

Camillia is a great example of why we are celebrating our diversity this week in recognition of International Women’s Day on March 8.

“I definitely look forward to what the future has to offer me here at TransCanada,” says Camillia.

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