Oct 10 2017

Why TransCanada is ahead of the curve on emergency response

Posted by TransCanada

With one of the best industry safety records at 65 years and counting, some might say TransCanada can take a seat on its emergency response efforts — after all, we've clearly got it mastered, right?

Not so, say experts, and they'll be the first to tell you that true achievements happen when companies assume there's always more to learn — that successful outcomes during emergencies begin well before an incident happens.

With more than 100 exercises held in 2016, TransCanada is on its way to matching that number in 2017. One of this year's events — a detailed, mock natural gas incident – was held last month in Kenora, Ont.

Dozens of TransCanada employees and Emergency Management Team members gathered alongside the City's representatives to practise the emergency response and collaborate on potential improvements.

"The ability to quickly shift the tide from a reactive position to one that influences the outcomes is only possible through thoughtful and meticulous planning," said Terry Dick, a senior emergency management specialist.

"But a key element to that success cannot be overlooked — specifically, extensive and continual practice of our emergency response plans and protocols."

Watch the video above, or read more about TransCanada's commitment to emergency preparedness.