Jun 08 2017

Environmental partnerships foster a sustainable future

Posted by TransCanada

For close to 50 years, Canadians have recognized Environment Week across the country.

As we come to the close of Environment Week 2017, TransCanada is celebrating some of the amazing work our environmental partners are doing across North America.

From protecting ecologically significant habitat to encouraging environmental stewardship among our youth, these partners do great work we're proud to be a part of.

Monarchs and other pollinators are responsible for the production of one of every three bites or sips we take, and for the reproduction of 90 per cent of all flowering plants.

In an effort to help restore dwindling monarch butterfly populations, Save Our Monarchs Foundation and TransCanada have partnered to help monarchs and other pollinators through a large-scale 11,000-acre habitat restoration project along TransCanada’s properties and right-of-way (RoW) corridors.

This initiative is the largest monarch habitat restoration project of its kind on privately-owned lands in the U.S.

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Wildlife Haven has started the construction of their new Rehabilitation Centre, which will help them care for the over 1,700 injured and/or orphaned wildlife who come into their care from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and northwestern Ontario. To date, they have cared for over 35,000 animals.

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In July 2016, Trout Unlimited Canada announced its first national conservation campaign - the Reconnecting Canada Campaign.  This campaign aims to reconnect one million miles of disconnected waterways across the country.

Trout Unlimited Canada volunteers, chapters and partners will use tools developed by TUC’s professional staff to assess each site and identify culverts which harm rivers and streams or have degraded to the point of disrepair. A team of experts will lead volunteers and partners to implement Canada-wide change by linking fish to their habitat, repairing river beds, improving water quality and connecting Canadians to their water.

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The Wetland Centres of Excellence form a national network of schools and community partners, recognized by Ducks Unlimited Canada, for their efforts to engage young people in wetland conservation. They are large and small, rural and urban, and each is unique.

Together, the Wetland Centres have accomplished amazing things for conservation:

  • Planted more than 196,837 trees
  • Banded and provided records for more than 70,000 birds
  • Planned and provided mentored wetland field trips and public tours to more than100,000 individuals
  • Constructed, installed and monitored waterfowl and songbird nest boxes long-term
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Earth Rangers is the Kids’ Conservation Organization.

It provides Canadian children with the opportunity to protect animals, to improve the environment and to make a difference through their Bring Back the Wild program and conservation missions.

Last year, 51,098 Earth Rangers Members across the country participated in fundraising activities and raised $639,400 to help protect the little brown bat, wolverine, peregrine falcon, and cold water coral.

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Miramichi Salmon Project

One of the many projects the Nature Conservancy of Canada is currently working on is the Miramichi Salmon Project in New Brunswick. The project will protect more than 2,100 acres (850 hectares) of ecologically significant habitat that is part of the Miramichi Watershed— world-renowned as the site of North America's largest run of Atlantic salmon.

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Pacific Salmon Foundation

The Community Salmon Program is a grant-making program that supports volunteer and community–driven organizations that undertake salmon conservation and restoration projects in British Columbia and the Yukon.

The program makes annual grants totaling more than $1.5 million; since 1989, the Community Salmon Program has made grants to more than 1,900 projects. The program has also engaged more than 30,000 stewardship volunteers, rehabilitated 1.1 million square meters of streams and planted 80,000 trees and shrubs.

It's also partnered with community grantees to raise an additional $7 for each $1 granted by the Foundation.

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Forest Defenders

More than 60 children participated in an ongoing campaign to protect the forest in Central Mexico. The elementary school children planted 120 oak and pine trees as part of this initiative to raise awareness on the importance of protecting the forest. In collaboration with elementary schools and communities from Hidalgo, TransCanada helped to create forest defender teams, comprised mostly of elementary school kids, to help look after saplings to ensure they would flourish.  An additional 80 additional trees were donated to the kids, so that they could take them home to plant.

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