Aug 10 2016

Helping communities when emergencies strike

Posted by TransCanada

TransCanada donates $8,000 for Red Cross emergency trailer

When disaster strikes, you can never be too prepared. Since we do business in communities around North America, we have seen the results of severe weather incidents.

That’s why we recently donated $8,000 to the American Red Cross, Nebraska/Southwest Iowa Region for a disaster relief trailer that will serve communities in Nebraska, not far from one of our Keystone sites.

In the event of disaster these trailers, stocked with cots, first-aid kids, blankets and supplies, can be driven to affected communities to help out.

Being a good neighbour

According to Rob Latimer, Land Manager for Keystone US Projects North, “We believe it is our obligation to be active and involved — like any good neighbour would — to ensure community members are cared for during times of emergency.”

For their part, the Red Cross appreciates the support.

"TransCanada's support allows the Red Cross to prepare our communities throughout North Central and North East Nebraska for any type of emergency," says Jill Orton, Red Cross Regional Disaster Officer.

We’re glad to be of assistance.

"Building relationships with agencies like the American Red Cross is just one of many meaningful ways that ensure effective coordination when emergencies occur in the communities where we operate or planning projects such as KXL." - Rob Latimer, Land Manager, Keystone US Projects North