Ontario Power Market

The province’s largest independent power producer

Actively involved in Ontario’s power market, TransCanada has been an active participant in Ontario’s energy market for years. In addition to our extensive pipeline system, we have helped shape the power market in recent years and grown to become the largest independent power producer in the province, with a power-generation capacity of 4,138 megawatts.

Operating from our Toronto offices, we are licensed by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) as a generator, wholesaler, and retailer of electricity. We actively manage the participation of our wholly owned generating fleet in the IESO controlled markets.

We have a vested and non-conflicting interest in ensuring the long-term viability of our customers and clients.

Power Transmission

In October 2010, TransCanada applied to the OEB to become a licensed transmitter of electricity in Ontario. At that time, a new corporate entity, TransCanada Power Transmission (Ontario) L.P., was established, and became responsible for any future development, construction and operation of our investments in electrical transmission in the province.