Grand Rapids Pipeline System

TransCanada – Oil & Liquids


We are pleased that the Grand Rapids Pipeline System is delivering crude oil on behalf of our customers. Jointly owned by TransCanada and PetroChina Canada Ltd., formerly Brion Energy Corporation, the 460 km (287 mile) Grand Rapids Pipeline System plays a key role in connecting producing areas northwest of Fort McMurray, Alta., to terminals in the Edmonton/Heartland region. The pipeline system commenced crude oil transportation services in late August 2017. Learn more about how we reached this milestone.

In addition, work continues on the Grand Rapids and Keyera joint venture, which includes a 20-inch diameter diluent pipeline between Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan. The pipeline will provide enhanced diluent supply into the Heartland region.

Thank you to everyone who played a role in the successful completion of the Grand Rapids Pipeline System and for letting TransCanada be a part of your community!

460 km (287 mile) pipeline
First major crude oil pipeline connecting the west Athabasca region to the Edmonton market
Operations began in late August 2017


dedicated hours


years to complete


dedicated workers

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