Energy East


A Canadian solution to a Canadian challenge. Once complete, the 4,500 km Energy East Pipeline will deliver 1.1 million barrels of crude oil to Canada's East Coast every day and displace hundreds of thousands of barrels of foreign oil currently imported into Eastern Canada daily. The project will generate thousands of jobs and billions of tax dollars, while reducing the need to transport oil by rail and providing a safe source of energy for generations.

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Creating 14,000 full-time jobs
$55 billion boost to Canada’s GDP
Displacing over 1,500 rail cars daily


Safest Way to Transport Oil

Every five seconds our control centre receives pipeline safety data on Energy East – backed up by aerial inspections, ground patrols and shut-off valves.



2,100+ meetings with Indigenous community

All across Canada, Indigenous involvement plays an important role in reducing our impact on the natural environment.



Supporting Local Communities

Thousands of TransCanada employees reside, eat, buy supplies and more in communities all along our 4,500 km of pipeline.



Job Creation

With more than 9,200 full-time direct and 4,700 indirect jobs in seven provinces, Energy East will put Canadians to work in a big way.