Towerbirch Expansion Project


We are pleased to announce that the Towerbirch Project is now delivering natural gas on behalf of our customers. The new facilities are part of TransCanada’s NGTL System, which will expand the connectivity of the prolific Montney supply basin to markets throughout North America. Contracts totaling 859mmcf/d of new FT-R contracts were signed by the Cutbank Ridge Partnership and five other Montney basin natural gas producers on the Towerbirch Project. With the addition of these new facilities, and the majority of the operating constraints resolved, the NGTL system is well positioned to provide a high level of reliable firm service through the remainder of the year and moving forward into 2018.

Downstream of the new Towerbirch facilities, TransCanada is nearing the completion of the $1.3 Billion 2017 NGTL expansion program, which will add significant capacity to the move gas from the Peace River area to downstream markets connected to the NGTL system.

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Click or Call Before You Dig

Whether you’re digging a foundation on a commercial jobsite, a swimming pool in your backyard or planting a tree, always know what’s below first. Before putting a shovel in the ground, contact your local One-Call Centre to have all underground utilities located and marked free of charge.

Consequences of unsafe digging include:

  • Risk of serious injuries and death
  • Fines and repair costs to fix the underground utility line(s)
  • Interrupted services such as electricity, gas and water To ensure everyone’s safety, always call or click before you dig.

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TransCanada - Working Safely Around Pipelines

Pipeline Safety

We aim for our pipelines and facilities to operate incident-free and to ensure our assets serve our people and communities across the continent for years to come.

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