Millennium Pipeline


Since entering service on December 22, 2008, the Millennium Pipeline system has delivered natural gas, provided jobs, and supported local economies throughout New York State. The pipeline is well positioned to handle demand in the western part of the state and to serve as a conduit for locally produced natural gas, such as Marcellus Shale supply.

TransCanada effectively owns 47.5 percent of the pipeline, jointly sponsored by subsidiaries of TransCanada, National Grid and DTE Energy.

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Supporting Local Food Bank

We’ve made donations to the Food Bank of the Southern Tier for many years. To date, we’ve made $60,000 in donations – enough for 180,000 meals.



Yulan Fire Department Donation

We love our First Responders and greatly value the work they do. To say thanks, in 2016 we made a $3,000 donation to the Yulan Fire Department to help with their operations.