Great Lakes Gas Transmission


Since 1967, Great Lakes Gas Transmission has delivered Canadian natural gas to communities on both sides of the border. The 2,115 mile (3,404 km) pipeline provides the most direct and cost-effective link between western Canada’s natural gas basins and population centres in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Eastern Canada.

Along the way, the system employs hundreds of people, contributes to local economies, and generates tax dollars municipalities can use to build schools, hospitals, roads, and more.

Great Lakes Gas Transmission is owned by TransCanada. The company effectively owns 66.6 percent of the pipeline. (53.6 percent through direct ownership and 26.8 percent through TC PipeLines, LP.

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2,115 miles (3,404 km) long
Cost-effective link between Western Canada natural gas basin and the US Midwest
Proudly serving Canadian and American families since 1967