Canadian Mainline


The Canadian Mainline, still connecting customers 60 years later.

The Long-Term Fixed Price (LTFP) service will allow the Canadian Mainline to safely carry natural gas from the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) to Ontario and beyond. Throughout its history, this 14,114 km (8,770 mile) pipeline has helped create jobs, spurred development and powered industries in communities nationwide.

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A positive impact in Canadian communities

The new Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital will positively impact the quality of life for people across Ontario's York Region. We recently toured the hospital construction site to learn more about how our $250,000 donation will support the Mackenzie Health Foundation’s campaign to build this critical community infrastructure and Canada's first smart hospital.

Meeting North American natural gas demand

The demand for reliable and affordable energy continues to grow. A 29 bcf/d of demand growth, driven by LNG exports, gas-fired power generation and industrial demand, is forecast over the next decade.

14,114 km (8,770 miles) in length
Carries natural gas from the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
Delivers fuel for millions of Canadians

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