2017 NGTL System Expansion Project


The 2017 NGTL Expansion Project is almost complete and many sections of the project are already finished construction and/or in-service. The project consisted of five separate pipeline loops and two compression stations. Here is the current status of each section:

  1. Northwest Mainline Loop No. 2: Bear Canyon  Operational
  2. Liege Lateral Loop No. 2: Pelican Lake Operational
  3. Kettle River Lateral Loop: Christina River  Operational
  4. Northwest Mainline Loop: Boundary Lake, spread 1  Operational
  5. Grande Prairie Mainline Loop No. 2: McLeod River  ISD Q3 2017
  6. Otter Lake Compressor Station Unit Addition  Q4 2017
  7. Alces River Compressor Station  Q4 2017
  8. Northwest Mainline Loop: Boundary Lake, spread 2  ISD Q2 2018
Important part of TransCanada’s industry leading $48-billion capital growth plan
Put 3,000 trained professionals to work
$1.3 billion investment in Canadian energy

Project Status And Timelines

Q3 2014

Environmental planning and design work

Q3 2014

Commence Indigenous and stakeholder engagement

Q3 2014

Commence environmental and technical analysis 

Q3 2014

Commence survey and field studies 

Q4 2014

File project description with NEB 

Q1 2015

Submission of an application to the National Energy Board 

Q3 2016

Pending regulatory approvals, begin temporary infrastructure construction  

Q3 2016

Begin pipeline and compressor station unit addition construction


Planned in-service date for pipeline and compressor station projects