What Matters to You, Matters to Us

Making sure communities are engaged and respected comes naturally for us – it’s how we do business. Sharing our plans and ideas with families and supporting communities lead to better outcomes for everyone involved.

Ask us and we’ll tell you. Our values of safety, integrity, responsibility and collaboration lay the foundation for how we work with one another, but most importantly, with you.

Youth Energy Safe

When it comes to staying safe, we’re never too young to learn the basics. Our school outreach program – Youth Energy Safe – provides materials and resources teachers and students can use to learn how to stay safe at home, school and in their communities.

The program fits into school curriculums and provides an underground utility safety module for students in grades 4 to 6, and 10 to 12. The program also offers a community-based component for youth of all ages.

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Public Awareness Program

Our Public Awareness Program is all about giving people the tools they need to protect their environment, community, neighbours and themselves while living near a pipeline facility.

What’s covered? Everything from the purpose and reliability of our pipelines to emergency preparedness, leak recognition and response, damage prevention and the importance of calling/clicking before you dig. Learn more at our public awareness page.

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School Kits

Are you a teacher who’d like to include a unit on pipeline safety? Request a school kit! Developed over three years of research and collaboration with teachers and students, these kits provide a background on underground utilities. They are available for either child or teen audiences.

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