Safety Is Our Number One Value

Our goal is for our pipeline and energy facilities to operate safely every day so that the public, our employees and the environment aren’t affected by an incident involving our assets. Safety is, and always will be, our number one value.

A Safety Record That Stands Out

Our employee and contractor safety performance stands out in our industry. Here is an overview.

Occupational Health and Safety

We take a holistic approach to occupational health and safety, with multiple complementary programs that address the workplace and home, the individual and family and our employees and contractors. We allow no compromise in the welfare of employees and contractors, making health and safety integral to planning and execution and a priority in the field, in our offices and in the boardroom.

Visit our HSE Field Orientation: External Contractor website.

Read about employee & contractor safety in our 2017 CR Report (PDF, 3.62 MB)

Safety Culture

A key component of our strategy to keep health and safety top-of-mind around-the-clock is our commitment to a positive safety culture. By continually modelling and reinforcing safe practices on our work sites, we’re working toward a goal of zero workplace incidents.


Learn more by reading our Life Saving Rules (824 KB)

Leading Safety Record

At TransCanada, safety extends beyond the jobsite. One of our initiatives, our Safety 24/7 program, encourages a holistic culture of safety with a forum for sharing off-the-job incidents, safety training for extended family, information for home and recreational safety and tips for protecting the environment.

Learn more about how we measure the success of our safety programs below, or read our Health, Safety and Environment Commitment Statement.

CASE STUDY: Tuscarora Pipeline’s Perfect Safety Record

When it comes to a company’s safety record, is perfection – real perfection – possible?

For Tuscarora Gas Transmission, an interstate natural gas transportation system operated by TransCanada in California and Nevada, the answer is: yes. In more than 20 years, the Tuscarora pipeline has logged zero lost-time incidents. In fact, the operation has never recorded a single safety event in its history.

“Not a scratch, scrape, puncture or cut,” says Kevin Walker, a technician who has worked at Tuscarora since 1995. “We haven’t even sent anybody to the doctor.”

Safety isn’t always about team size

You might think that achieving a 100% safety record would take a huge team – not at Tuscarora. Despite their small size, the Tuscarora team pulled together to achieve their clean record.

“Given the length of the pipeline and the small crew, we spend a lot of time working alone,” says Kevin. “But any one of us – we always know where the other guy is headed. We know where people are and they know where we are. You always know the team has your back.”

Our safety program at work

At TransCanada, it’s this fundamental practice of working together that underlies our overall safety program. From extensive training to planning and execution – we believe that together, we can and will do better.