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Safety is everything. It underpins how we operate.

Build Strong supports local first responder organizations by offering the tools and resources communities need to go home safely, every day.

These important relationships with fire departments, emergency medical services, police stations and search and rescue programs also prepare us, so we can keep our infrastructure safe and respond quickly if needed.

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Life-saving CPR device provided to Renovo Volunteer Fire Department

Renovo Fire Department Receives Funding from TransCanada for a Lucas 3 Device.

"Since the end of January, we’ve had a minimum of 15 cardiac events," says Jim Risley, Chief of the Renovo Fire Department.

"This device will help keep our community safe and I can't thank TransCanada enough for their investment," says Risley.

Apply for Funding

Help build strong responders in your community.

Apply for funding under our safety focus area if your organization aligns with one of the following categories:

First Responders: we support first responder organizations through in-kind donations and grants so they can purchase equipment and training

Emergency Preparedness: we invest in organizations that offer pipeline emergency preparedness and response training programs

Natural Disasters: we support organizations that offer preparation and disaster response programs to ensure the safety and readiness of TransCanada employees and/or community members in the event of a natural disaster

Safety Education: we support organizations that offer awareness and education programs to enhance safe community practices

More than 15,000 volunteer hours logged in 2017

$17 million donated to more than 1,400 non-profit organizations in 2017

Record $3 million+ in employee and matched company donations in 2017

Meet annually with 1000s of municipal representatives, emergency responders and community members

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