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Through education, we can help build a legacy we are all proud of

Build Strong supports education and training initiatives in the communities where we do business in an effort to help build community capacity, develop the next generation of community leaders, and provide a skilled workforce for our industry.

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Helping students succeed helps communities succeed

How one Marquette resident is combining her passions for community service and farming to raise awareness for women in the agriculture industry.

A born and bred Marquette woman has taken home a TransCanada Community Leaders Scholarship. Katie Bresnahan was selected for her strong commitment to leadership, volunteerism and community involvement.

"I was excited to be selected" said Katie. "You never expect to be chosen with so many talented people out there."

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Help build strong futures in your community. Apply for funding under our education focus area if your organization aligns with one of the following categories:

Scholarships: we provide scholarships to post-secondary students across North America in four categories

Early Education: we invest in organizations that offer early childhood development programs that align with our focus areas

Skills and Development: we invest in organizations to offer programs that enable greater participation in the employment and contracting opportunities created by our projects, operations and industry

Workforce Enablement: we invest in organizations that offer job readiness and workplace essential skills training

More than 15,000 volunteer hours logged in 2017

$17 million donated to more than 1,400 non-profit organizations in 2017

Record $3 million+ in employee and matched company donations in 2017

Meet annually with 1000s of municipal representatives, emergency responders and community members

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