Towerbirch Expansion Project

On October 6, 2015, the National Energy Board (NEB) issued its report recommending that the federal government approve TransCanada’s proposed Towerbirch Expansion Project.

The Towerbirch Expansion Project is an important piece of infrastructure that is required to transport natural gas from northeast British Columbia to markets throughout North America. There is currently not enough pipeline capacity in northeastern B.C. to address growing natural gas production. A newly constructed pipeline would be the most reliable, economical, and environmentally sound solution to bring these needed resources to markets.

TransCanada is ready to begin building the Towerbirch Project as soon as we receive federal government approval. The pipeline component has two sections for a total length of approximately 87 kilometres. The first section is 36-inches (914 mm) in diameter and begins in Saddle Hills County, continues west for approximately 55 km and ties in near the existing Tremblay meter stations. The second section is 30-inches (762mm) in diameter and begins near the Tremblay meter stations, continues north for approximately 32 km and terminates at the proposed Tower Lake Receipt Meter Station site. Other facilities include valve sites and launcher/receiver facilities.

There are four receipt meter stations (located at three sites - two of the meter stations will be co-located) and an expansion to an existing receipt meter station, applied for as part of the project.

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