Acting on our Ideals

Employer of Choice

Without the remarkable talent and commitment of over 4,200 employees, TransCanada would not be as successful as it is. Their enthusiasm and innovation are evident every day at every level. Because we have the greatest respect for the contributions they make to both our business and our community relationships, we eagerly support their personal and professional development in any way we can.

To that end, we offer employees a competitive compensation package that we call Total Rewards. Its provisions apply from the day an employee joins our team until after they retire.We encourage their participation in programs that lead to healthier living for them and their families, to greater understanding of social diversity, to job equity and to development of a culture of safety on the job and at home. And we support the contributions they make to the community beyond their company responsibilities. Our goal is to provide everyone who works with TransCanada with a safe and respectful workplace that offers equal opportunity to all.

Our approach to the well being of our employees is proactive, focusing on the development of business processes that encourage leadership around all matters of corporate performance. This begins with independent thought and innovative action at every level of our organization. In 2010 we defined the principles we wish to see adopted as we continue to build a more disciplined team:

  1. Clear direction;
  2. Defined accountabilities;
  3. Disciplined measurement and development;
  4. Reward and recognize performance; and
  5. Strong leadership.

To integrate such principles into our everyday activities, TransCanada introduced a new 360° Leadership Feedback process, enhanced our performance management process and spent much more time discussing our corporate values and how to live them through our work. We also continued our enormously popular Spotlight program that allows employees to recognize the contributions of their colleagues to peak performance on the job. In 2010, more than 4,700 Spotlight awards were distributed.

Developing leadership is not merely a matter of working with existing employees. TransCanada believes strongly in supporting programs that introduce students to our workplace. Each January, we invite student applications from across North America for summer jobs, co-op terms and internships. Programs like this are very popular; for example, more than 170 students worked at TransCanada over the summer months in 2010. We also encourage both Canadian and American employees to bring their children to work on Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

A healthy staff makes for a competitive company. Through our Zero is Real campaign, we aim to eliminate accidents on the job. Better training and clearer leadership on this important issue creates a culture of safety that aims for no lost time incidents, no motor vehicle incidents and no injury incidents.

Our determination to develop a corporate culture of safety continues to pay significant dividends. In the spring of 2010 we were pleased to be able to report that there was not one lost time incident recorded by our 1,800 Operations & Engineering employees in 2009. In fact they had worked 4.5 million hours since the last lost time incident. This is the second time they have achieved this in the last four years.

Perhaps the most inspiring example of what can be achieved through safety vigilance came from our Bellows Falls hydro station on the Connecticut River in Vermont. In 2010, its employees celebrated 30 years of working without a single lost time incident. The last one occurred in 1980 when an employee slipped on an oily step and missed two weeks’ work with a back injury.

This year, TransCanada rolled out a new five-year safety strategic plan as well. It is designed to develop inter-dependent safety behaviours, active safety leadership behaviours, working, planning and implementation behaviours, and contractor safety behaviours.

As important as the elimination of accidents is, good health does not depend solely upon a safe work environment. That’s why we encourage all employees to take part in our Active Living Program. This easy-to-follow program focuses on simple activities such as taking the stairs at work, holding business meetings while walking and taking stretch breaks throughout the workday. In 2009, 776 participants clocked more than six million minutes of physical activity; in 2010, that number jumped to 998 participants and almost 8 million minutes of physical activity.

When it comes to the important matter of job equity, TransCanada has a number of key programs in place. For example, our Inspire Network promotes awareness of issues faced by women in the workplace, encourages networking that supports positive change and offers mentoring to our employees. Similarly, we have developed a Diversity Advisory Group within the company that focuses its efforts on TransCanada’s identified employment equity groups — women, visible minorities, Aboriginals, and persons with disabilities. The Advisory Group strives to eliminate barriers to advancement in the workplace, whatever their nature.

The tremendous strides TransCanada has made and continues to make on issues like these is reflected in a number of third party awards that we received in 2010. In March, we were honoured to be called one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers. This award recognized the diversity programs we have in place for women, members of visible minorities, persons with disabilities, Aboriginal peoples, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered/transsexual peoples. In April, we were named one of the Best Employers for New Canadians. The award considered our provision of cross-cultural training to company recruiters, the availability of paid internships for new Canadians, mentoring opportunities, and the sponsorship of internationally trained engineers seeking provincial accreditation. In October, TransCanada joined an elite group as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers. Based on independent survey of company employees, this award looks at such factors as physical workplace, employee benefits, communication, community involvement, and performance management. We were delighted to see that 94 per cent of our employees are proud to work here; this compares with a Canadian average of only 66 per cent.