North Montney Mainline Project

On April 16, 2015, the National Energy Board (NEB) issued its report recommending the federal government approve TransCanada’s proposed North Montney Mainline Project. The project will provide substantial new capacity on the NGTL System to meet the transportation requirements associated with rapidly increasing development of natural gas resources in the Montney supply basin in northeastern B.C. It will connect Montney and other Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin supply to both existing and new natural gas markets, notably emerging markets for LNG, and will generate long-term economic opportunities for B.C. and its northern communities.

Located in the Peace River Regional District, the project will be approximately 301 kilometres (km) of pipeline and include associated metering facilities, valve sites, and compression facilities. The Aitken Creek section will be approximately 182 km of 42-inch diameter pipeline. The south end will connect with the northern end of the existing Groundbirch Mainline (Saturn Section), located about 35 km southwest of Fort St. John. The north end will be about 100 km northwest of Fort St. John. The Kahta section will be approximately 119 km of 42-inch diameter pipeline connecting to the north end of the Aitken Creek section and ending at a point about 180 km northwest of Fort St. John.

B.C. has an abundance of natural gas resources, and new natural gas pipelines such as the proposed North Montney Mainline will provide the capacity needed to transport sweet natural gas from northeast B.C. to growing energy markets. Building this pipeline will ensure continued economic opportunity for the province of B.C. and its northern communities. The construction and operation of this project creates jobs in multiple sectors and generates revenue, which helps to pay for public services like health care, education and infrastructure.

Development in B.C.

Recent advances in drilling technology have increased British Columbia’s recoverable natural gas reserves. Future production from these reserves will significantly exceed domestic demand. Current proposed pipelines do not provide sufficient capacity to transport all of the natural gas expected to be required to satisfy export demands.

The North Montney Project is proposed as part of TransCanada’s long-term strategy to connect resources in northeast B.C. to the west coast. The Merrick Mainline Pipeline Project, Coastal GasLink Pipeline Project and the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project projects will help meet export demands and generate long-term economic opportunity for B.C. and its northern communities.

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