Chairman's Message

S. Barry JacksonS. Barry Jackson

2011 was a strong year at TransCanada. We continue to experience the financial benefits of bringing $10 billion of assets into service since the spring of 2010. That progress will continue through 2012, with the completion of other major projects such as the re-start of two reactors at the Bruce nuclear facility.

Looking forward, we expect to invest an additional $12 billion in projects by the end of 2014 or early 2015. This will cap one of the largest capital programs in Canadian corporate history. TransCanada is widely recognized as a leader in the safe and reliable operation of North American energy infrastructure. It is known as a company that delivers on its promises and takes its responsibility toward all stakeholders seriously.

Notwithstanding that reputation, in 2011 the company became known by many for something more – the Keystone XL pipeline. Project opponents have used the pipeline as a lightning rod for a debate on society's use of fossil fuels, and specifically, Alberta's oil sands production. Seeing Keystone XL attacked in the media has been trying for our Board and for all TransCanada employees who take pride in the work they accomplish each and every day. The company has taken every opportunity to discuss the merits of the project in a factual, professional manner.

Experts forecast oil will be needed for decades and Keystone XL offers Americans an opportunity to receive a stable, secure supply of oil from domestic U.S. and Canadian production. This project makes sense, it has our full support and we remain confident it will ultimately be approved.

Our Board continues to be pleased with the transition of leadership at TransCanada from Hal Kvisle to Russ Girling. Russ's focus has remained on the strategies that he helped develop and have made the company successful in the past. He and the executive team have more than met the challenges the past year has presented and we expect that sets the stage for a great future.

Interestingly, our Board will also see noticeable transition between now and 2014. Six of our current directors will reach retirement age and leave the company over that period. The first two such individuals are Wendy Dobson and David O'Brien. Along with my fellow Board members, I would like to thank them for their many years of dedicated service to the company and our shareholders.

The overall scope of this renewal is unprecedented in TransCanada's history and I believe we will attract strong, new talent to provide the guidance and leadership necessary to move the company forward. After an extensive search, the Governance Committee nominated Paula Rosput Reynolds and Richard Waugh to be appointed to the Board.

I am confident Ms. Reynolds and Mr. Waugh, along with TransCanada's 4,400 employees, will continue to rise to the challenges ahead and build future successes for the company, to the benefit of our shareholders, partners and stakeholders.

On behalf of the Board of Directors;


S. Barry Jackson