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Delivering Today

Delivering Today

TransCanada is a leading North American energy infrastructure company.

With approximately $40 billion in assets, today we are a leader in the responsible development and reliable operation of North American energy infrastructure including natural gas and oil pipelines, power generation and natural gas storage facilities.

$40 billion in assets

Our 59,000 kilometre (36,661 mile) wholly-owned natural gas pipeline network taps into virtually every major natural gas supply basin on the continent and provides our customers with unparalleled access to premium markets. Each day we deliver 20 per cent of the natural gas consumed in North America. Looking forward, our vast pipeline network is well positioned to connect new sources of supply such as shale gas, coalbed methane and offshore liquefied natural gas as well as supply from the north.

4,000 talented employees

We are also one of the continent's largest providers of natural gas storage and related services with approximately 370 billion cubic feet of capacity — enough to meet the needs of nearly four million homes each year.

As one of Canada's largest independent power producers, TransCanada owns, controls or is developing more than 10,900 megawatts of power generation in Canada and the United States — enough capacity to power 11 million homes. Our diversified power portfolio includes natural gas, nuclear, coal, hydro and wind generation primarily located in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and the northeastern United States.

Recently, we made a significant entry into the oil pipeline business through the Keystone Pipeline System. When completed it will be one of North America's largest oil delivery systems with the capacity to move 1.1 million barrels per day from Western Canada to markets in the U.S. Midwest and Gulf Coast.

Going forward, we will continue to create value for our shareholders and our customers by building and operating the energy infrastructure that North America needs.

Today, we are in the midst of an $18 billion capital program that will see a number of attractive, low-risk projects completed over the next four years. They include expansions of our existing pipeline infrastructure, new pipeline infrastructure, new natural gas storage facilities and new power plants — critical infrastructure in the markets we serve.

Creating value for our shareholders and customers
As we build for tomorrow, TransCanada is committed to being a reliable and safe operator, with a focus on providing low-cost, competitive services to our customers.

With growth comes greater responsibility. Responsibility to our investors, to our customers, to our employees, to the contractors who work diligently with us, to the regulators across the continent who scrutinize our proposals, to the thousands of residents in communities located near our pipelines and power plants, and to the environment. We have always worked hard to ensure environmental sustainability wherever we operate.

Our success is a reflection of our exceptional team of 4,000 committed and motivated employees who bring skill, experience, energy and knowledge to the work they do. They are our competitive advantage.


TransCanada operates one of the largest natural gas pipeline systems in North America. With 50 years of experience, we are experts in the business of operating, maintaining and building large-diameter, long-haul pipelines. The strength of our pipeline business is rooted in these examples of critical infrastructure:

Delivering 20% of the natural gas consumed in North America

Alberta System

This 23,705 kilometre (14,730 mile) pipeline moves approximately 11 Bcf/d, making it one of the largest in North America. It gathers natural gas for use in Alberta and delivers it to provincial border points for export to North American markets. In 2008, the Alberta System gathered 66 per cent of the natural gas produced in Western Canada.

Canadian Mainline

This 14,101 kilometre (8,762 mile) pipeline extends east from the Alberta border to Quebec and connects with other natural gas pipelines in Canada and the United States. Across the Canadian prairies, the system consists of five parallel lines capable of transporting approximately 7.0 Bcf/d.

ANR Pipeline System and ANR Storage

This 17,000 kilometre (10,563 mile) pipeline has a peak day capacity of 6.8 Bcf/d. It delivers natural gas from producing fields in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico to markets in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana. ANR also owns and operates 250 Bcf of regulated natural gas storage capacity in Michigan.

GTN, Northern Border and Great Lakes

These three natural gas pipelines include a total of 7,828 kilometres (4,864 miles) of pipe and deliver natural gas from Western Canada to premium markets across North America.


TransCanada has built a successful power business by acquiring low-cost, baseload generation, and developing new large-scale facilities backed by long-term power purchase arrangements. Today we own or have interests in 19 power plants in Canada and the United States. We also have a significant non-regulated natural gas storage business in Alberta where we own or have the rights to 120 Bcf of capacity. Some examples of our Energy assets include:

Capacity to power 11 million homes

Sundance and Sheerness

Through these power purchase arrangements in Alberta and a number of other wholly-owned plants, we market 20 per cent of the province's power.

Bruce Power

Canada's first private nuclear generating station, this facility currently produces 4,700 MW of power or more than 20 per cent of Ontario's electricity.

Ravenswood Generating Station

Located in Queens, New York, the 2,480 MW power plant is capable of supplying 20 per cent of New York City's power needs.

TC Hydro

13 hydroelectric facilities on the Connecticut and Deerfield rivers in New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts produce 583 MW of power.