Houston Lateral and Terminal

The 77-kilometre (48-mile) Houston Lateral and Terminal is a project under development to transport crude oil to refineries in the Houston, Texas, marketplace. The Houston Lateral and Terminal will become an integrated component of the Keystone Pipeline System.

The facilities will double the U.S. Gulf Coast refining market capacity directly accessible from the Keystone Pipeline System to more than four million barrels per day by providing access to the key refining market in the Houston area.

The Houston Terminal is expected to have initial storage capacity for 700,000 barrels of crude oil. Associated facilities include the necessary receipt, delivery, pipeline, pumping, monitoring, control and ancillary facilities required to increase capacity.

The final route of the Houston Lateral, which involves building a pipeline through the counties of Liberty, Chambers and Harris to Houston’s refining centre, has been selected to minimize impacts to the land, environment and landowners.

Route selection involved balancing different factors such as length; sensitive environmental features (rivers, wetlands, endangered and protected species), construction issues, paralleling existing infrastructure such as roads and other pipelines and considering stakeholder concerns.

Construction activities began in 2013 and commercial operation of the Houston Lateral and Terminal is expected to commence in mid-2015.

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