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Horn River Mainline Pipeline

In response to the rapidly increasing development of natural gas production from the northeastern British Columbia shale basins, NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. (NGTL), a wholly owned subsidiary of TransCanada, is constructing the Horn River Pipeline. The 36-inch diameter pipeline is a 72 kilometre (45 mile) extension of the NGTL System running from a point on the Ekwan Pipeline, north to the Horn River area in British Columbia.

This extension of the NGTL System involves three components: 

  1. The acquisition of the Encana Ekwan Pipeline, which is anticipated to be effective fourth quarter, 2011.
  2. The construction of the Horn River Mainline (Cabin Section) which is approximately 72 km of 36-inch diameter pipeline and related metering and valve facilities running from a point on the Ekwan Pipeline, north to a natural gas processing facility in the Cabin area.
  3. The construction of the Komie East Extension, consisting of approximately 2.5 km of up to 24-inch diameter pipe and related metering and valve facilities.

The pipeline is expected to be operational early in the second quarter of 2012, with an estimated project cost of $310 million.

Status and Timelines




  • Completed open season.
  • Initiated public consultations with stakeholders.



  • Announced results of open season securing support for 378 mcf/d for firm transportation contracts.
  • Initiated environmental field studies along with engineering design.


  • Initiated comprehensive public consultations with stakeholders, including stakeholder notification packages and public open house.




  • Submitted application to the National Energy Board.




  • Received regulatory approval.


  • Commence construction of the pipeline.




  • Expect to complete construction and bring pipeline in service.


Horn River Map

Regulatory Requirements

In order to construct and operate the Horn River Mainline Project, NGTL will require a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity pursuant to section 52 of the National Energy Board Act.  The Project is also subject to environmental assessment pursuant to s.5 of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. In addition, various ancillary permits will be required for specific aspects of the project.

Public Involvement

TransCanada is proud of the relationships we have built with our landowners and neighbours over the last 50 years and we are committed to consulting with the public about our activities. We believe that through consultation with landowners and stakeholders, and engagement with Aboriginal communities, we can address questions and concerns and integrate important public input into our activities. We will incorporate public interests into the proposed project through several avenues including: 

  • Community open houses.
  • Stakeholder presentations.
  • One-on-one meetings with interrested stakeholders.
  • Brochures or information packages mailed to individuals.
  • Project web page.
  • Public notices placed in local newspapers.
  • Input through the regulatory process.

Environment and Safety

Our facilities are designed, constructed and operated in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and to minimize risks to our employees, the public and the environment. We respect the diverse environments and culture in which we operate. We work diligently to minimize negative environmental impacts from our activities, while upholding our responsibility to meet today’s energy demands. We develop, implement and continually refine environmental policies and programs that allow us to not only comply with government regulations, but to act as a leader in our industry.

The safety of the public and our employees is our top priority. We will meet or exceed industry and government standards that have been designed to ensure public safety. Our commitment is reflected in the design and construction of our facilities, as well as in our operating and maintenance practices.

We maintain an ongoing public awareness program to keep the lines of communication open with our landowners and neighbours about our facilities and how to live and work safely around pipelines. As part of this program, we involve local emergency response agencies to ensure there is an understanding about the specifics of our pipeline, which will lead to the safe and effective response in the unlikely event of an incident.


Opportunities directly associated with the Horn River Mainline Project are limited.  If you’re interested in a career at TransCanada, please check out our current opportunities.


Horn River Mainline Pipeline Project Team
TransCanada Corporation
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