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Non-regulated Gas Storage

TransCanada has become one of the largest natural gas storage providers in Western Canada. With the completion of our Edson facility in 2006, and the consolidating acquisition of CrossAlta in 2012, TransCanada now owns or controls more than 150 billion cubic feet (Bcf), or approximately 40% of the storage capacity in Alberta.

All of our capacity is strategically located on the TransCanada Alberta NGTL pipeline system, and is connected to the AECO NIT market. The geographic diversity in our capacity and our financial stability enables us to provide the most reliable service in Alberta.

TransCanada believes the long-term market fundamentals for natural gas storage are strong. Alberta-based storage will continue to serve market needs as fundamental trends, such as coal powered generation retirements, LNG exports and renewable portfolio standards evolve.

TransCanada’s non-regulated gas storage business is operated independently from its regulated affiliates.

Non-regulated Gas Storage Services

TransCanada offers a broad range of competitively priced storage designed to suit individual requirements. Our customers, including marketers, utilities, aggregators and producers, typically use storage to provide supply security and operational balancing, as well as risk management and price arbitrage.
Our typical services can include:

  • Cycling rates up to 3.0 cycles/year
  • Contract terms from one month to 20 years
  • Rights to extend term or increase capacity
  • Peaking and short notice delivery services
  • Optional injection and withdrawal services
  • Short-term Market Centre park and loan transactions

Storage service rates are fully negotiated based on the level of service provided. All Non-regulated Gas Storage is connected to the AECO NIT market.

We are committed to providing superior customer service to meet the growing needs of our customers. TransCanada utilizes a user-friendly online nomination system that allows customers to submit nominations, calculate allowed injection or withdrawal rights, and generate historical reports. In addition, customers have access to the marketing and operations desk via phone, e-mail and instant messenger.

Non-regulated Gas Storage Contracts

TransCanada uses industry standard practices to contract for gas storage and services. The first step to entering a storage contract involves execution of a "Master Storage Agreement". The second step is a credit review to ensure financial assurances are adequate. With documentation and credit in place, a confirmation is generated for each agreed upon gas storage or service transaction. For more information on contracting for service with TransCanada, please contact one of TransCanada's marketing representatives.

Edson Gas Storage Facility

The Edson storage operation is an underground natural gas storage facility consisting of a single depleted reservoir, the Viking “D” pool, a central processing facility and associated pipeline gathering system.

  • Type of Facility: Depleted underground natural gas reservoir
  • Location: 35 km northwest of Edson, Alta.
  • Connection: NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. (NGTL) Grande Prairie mainline
  • Working Gas Capacity: 50 Bcf

Crossfield Storage Facility

The Crossfield storage operation is an underground natural gas storage facility consisting of several depleted reservoirs, a central processing facility and associated pipeline gathering system. 

  • Type of Facility: Depleted underground natural gas reservoir
  • Location: Crossfield, Alta., Canada (50 km north of Calgary, Alta.)
  • Connection: NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. (NGTL) Central Alberta System Line
  • Working Gas Capacity: 68 Bcf

Regulated Gas Storage

Our regulated gas storage business, ANR Storage Company, serves our Pipelines division and provides firm and interruptible natural gas storage services to customers on our Great Lakes Gas Transmission and ANR Pipeline systems.

Visit the ANR Storage website

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