We are here - The TransCanada Journey 1998-2010

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Since TransCanada began operations in 1958, the company has built a rich history. Its stories have been told over the years through various books and publications. This new limited edition book focuses on the twelve years from 1998 to 2010, a transformative era for the company that has left it well-positioned for the future.

We are here chronicles some of the defining moments in the emergence of a major independent energy infrastructure powerhouse, starting with the TransCanada-NOVA merger in 1998, through the years of post-merger restructuring and refocusing, the first steps of expansion and growth, to the mega-projects and success of recent years.

The story in these pages is based on interviews with the people who were directly involved in the events of those pivotal twelve years. In many cases, you’ll hear their recollections and experiences told in their own words.

The book is dedicated to those who are or have been part of the TransCanada family and who have helped draw the map of where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going.

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We are here – ePub Edition (abridged)

We are here – PDF (full book contents)

PDFs by chapter:
Prologue: We are here
1: The start of something new – 1998 merger transforms the business
2: Fix and focus – birth of a new strategy
3: At the helm – leaders and leadership
4: Roots and branches – the evolving Canadian pipeline business
5: Grow with the flow – pipeline expansion in the U.S. and Mexico
6: On tap – the essential role of gas storage
7: Earth, wind, water, fire – building the power business
8: Crude awakening – Keystone Pipeline captures new opportunity
9: The call of the north – partnerships, promise, potential
10: Making it all happen – the people who are TransCanada
Epilogue: Here we are