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Delivery Capacity - SK

The Capabilities and Firm Requirements Table is provided to customers for information purposes and is accurate for the date published. Firm Requirements will be updated quarterly, while Capabilities will be updated annually.

2014/2015 Capabilities and Firm Requirements





Firm Requirements


Published on October 9, 2014

As of September 1, 2015

  Winter 2014/15
(Design) MMcf/d
Summer 2015
(Design) MMcf/d

Foothills – SK (at 14.73 psia)
   Foothills – SK   2,333 2,172     442
Alberta System (at 14.73 psia)
   McNeill   2,358 2,358   1,139



  1. For the purpose of this table, Foothills-Saskatchewan and McNeill capability is established based upon the summer takeaway capability on the downstream pipeline. 
  2. On the Foothills-Saskatchewan, the Firm Requirements are the firm contract quantities that include STFT. 
  3. On the Alberta System, the Firm Requirements are the firm contract quantities at McNeill and include FT-D and STFT. 
  4. Note that daily " Operational Capability " will vary from " Design Capability " based upon a number of factors, including: equipment availability, pipeline related outages such as pigging, ambient air and ground temperature variations, system linepack, flow distribution, receipt or delivery flow to connected storage locations and border delivery pressures.