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GLGT Capacity Releases

Revised February 1, 2013 

An Auction for Assignment of GLGT Capacity

TransCanada PipeLines Limited ("TransCanada") holds firm capacity on the Great Lakes Gas Transmission Company ("GLGT") pipeline system between Emerson Receipt Point ("Emerson") and St. Clair Delivery Point ("St. Clair").TransCanada is looking to assign some GLGT capacity as follows:

Today's Capacity Release



Start Date

End Date

Max Quantity Dth/d

Min Bid Rate









  • Firm capacity is subject to STFT Sales at 11am CCT / 10am MT.
  • Capacity may be allocated and auctioned over multiple contracts on GLGT's GL Connect system.
  • Recallable releases will be recalled IF NECESSARY based on net revenue, term x toll.  Recallable releases with the lowest net revenue will be recalled first.

All Capacity Releases:

  • Minimum acceptable quantity is 1,000 dth/day.
  • Full Term Required.
  • Interested parties can bid for all or a portion of the Capacity Release.
  • In the event, that multiple bids exceed the available capacity, all parties will be prorated as per the Quantity bid.

How to Bid for GLGT Capacity

  • The auction for Capacity Release will commence today and end at 1:00 p.m. CCT / 12:00 MT on January 31, 2013. 
  • The auction for the Capacity Release will be held on GLGT's GL Connect electronic business system.

Previous Releases that are currently in effect:



Start Date

End Date

Quantity Sold Dth/d

Average Bid Rate USD/Dth










What is Required Prior to Bidding

In order to bid on this capacity, Interested Parties must have access to the Great Lakes "GL Connect" electronic business system. Please allow adequate time for Great Lakes to accommodate set up and access for new counterparties. Please ensure appropriate credit requirements with Great Lakes are met prior to bidding. For any questions regarding accessing GL Connect and placing a bid for TransCanada's capacity, please contact the Great Lakes Contract Admin Hotline @ 1.866.454.7572.


If you have any questions, please contact your Mainline Customer Account Manager.



Gordon Betts
Phone: 1.403.920.6834
Email: gordon_betts@transcanada.com

Michael Mazier
Phone: 1.403.920.2651
Email: mike_mazier@transcanada.com


Amelia Cheung
Phone: 1.416.869.2115
Email: amelia_cheung@transcanada.com

Lisa DeAbreu
Phone: 1.416.869.2171
Email: lisa_deabreu@transcanada.com

Reena Mistry
Phone: 1.416.869.2159
Email: reena_mistry@transcanada.com


TransCanada reserves the right to alter, suspend or terminate this process at any time and without notice and TransCanada shall not be liable for any costs, claims or expenses incurred by any person as a result of such alteration, suspension, termination or non-acceptance of any offers. TransCanada shall have no liability or responsibility to any potential party unless and until a bid is accepted and the parties execute the necessary documents for assignment of the GLGT capacity.