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Chinchaga Loop Section

The Chinchaga Loop has been approved under Certificate GC-121 in May 2013. The pipeline is approximately 33 km of 48-inch diameter pipeline with a maximum allowable operating pressure of 8450 kPa. The pipeline will parallel the existing Chinchaga Lateral system from NE 13-96-5-W6M to a tie-in point at NE 26-94-2-W6M. The proposed pipeline route is located approximately 50 km northwest of Manning, Alberta.

Status and Timelines

  • Submitted section 52 application to the NEB - Q3, 2011
  • Following a 14-month regulatory review process, the NEB recommended the granting of a Certificate for the Chinchaga Section of the Project on January 30, 2013
  • A Certificate (GC-121) was issued in May 2013
  • NGTL is in the process of meeting pre-construction compliance conditions for start of work on Temporary Infrastructure by June 3, 2013 and start of pipeline construction on November 1, 2013
  • The pipeline is scheduled to be in service in April 2014


Regulatory Requirements

Compliance Filings

In satisfying its compliance conditions for Chinchaga, NGTL is required to file with the NEB and post to the Company website a commitments tracking table for the project. Below please find NGTL’s quarterly commitments tracking reports filed with the NEB.