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Horn River Mainline Loop (Kyklo Creek Section)

The approved Horn River Mainline Loop (Kyklo Creek Section) is expected to be approximately 29 km of 42 inch diameter pipeline, with a maximum allowable operating pressure of 9930 kPa. The pipeline would parallel the existing Ekwan pipeline from the existing Sierra Gas Plant, located at Unit 26, Block K, Group 94-I-11 to an eastern end point at Unit 97, Block F, Group 94-I-10. The pipeline route is located approximately 100 km east of Fort Nelson, British Columbia and is required to meet customer demand to transport sweet natural gas from the Horn River area in northeast British Columbia.

Status and Timelines

  • Began environmental and technical analysis - August 2010
  • Began Aboriginal and stakeholder engagement - August 2010
  • Began survey and environmental field studies - September 2010
  • Submitted section 52 application to the NEB - April 2011
  • Received regulatory approval - February 2012
  • Construction to start - November 2012
  • Pipelines to be in-service - April 2013

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